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Floral Decoration for Indian Wedding

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

No religion, culture or community from any part of the world is complete without the beautiful flowers. Whether it is to beautify the decor or shower the newlyweds with flower petals, it plays a prime role in the wedding, especially in Indian weddings. Earlier it was simply used as a decoration for rangoli or garlands, it then slowly progressed to arranged bouquets, woven garlands with a combination of different types of flowers and many more.

The Flowers give a different and uniquely beautiful look to the wedding venues. It is considered as an ideal décor that never retires from fashion. The flowers can be used in many places in the wedding halls like the mandap, stage, tables, chairs and many other places.

The following are some of the amazing ways to decorate your wedding venue.

• Wedding Mandap

The mandap is the most important place in the wedding hall. It is the main attraction of the whole venue, for it is where the gorgeous bride and the groom take over the place. What can be better than decorating the mandap with colorful flowers? The roof and the pillars can be beautifully decorated with bright flowers and it will surely stand out from the other part of the wedding hall. But one must make sure that it is not heavily decorated as it will look crowded, for the attraction are the bride and the groom and not the mandap.

• Flower Curtains Near Entrance

How about a grand entrance to your wedding? This can be done by placing a flower curtain at the entrance. It can be any flowers like the combination of jasmine and rose curtain hanging from the above or white or marigold, beautifully attached to the sides from the top. Any place you attach a flower, it sure will bring out a royalty effect to the wedding.

• Aisle and Stage

If you are into Christian weddings, then you can decorate the center stage with flowers. The sides of the seating areas can also be decorated with the flowers of your choice. The aisle and the stage can be decorated with a similar type of flowers. Make sure you use the original flowers for it will add beauty and royalty to the décor of the wedding hall.

• Wedding Stage

The wedding stage is the place where you and your future partner will be seated after the wedding vows. This place can be decorated with beautiful and vibrant flowers. It can be placed as a carpet or can be decorated in the background. One can also decorate the flowers at the entrance of the stage or the sides of the stage stairs.

• Swing with the Flowers

Most of the Indian wedding venues have a swing for the bride and the groom. This is another important place that needs heavy decorations. The whole swing can be decorated with colorful flowers or can keep it simple with red, white or marigold flowers. 

• Table Centerpieces

The flowers can be beautified with the shapes of bouquet, tree or any shape of your choice and can be placed on the table’s center. If you want to give a different look, the table can be decorated with a simple flower mat with the rosebuds hanging by its sides. 

• Wood and Floral Décor for Photos

Today weddings are about pictures and selfies. The pictures taken by the guest are more when compared to the bride and the groom. If your wedding hall has a wood wall, decorate it with flowers and make it a selfie zone. If there’s no wood wall, you can also create a separate wood space, especially for selfies. Believe it, your guests will have no bounds for their happiness and it will be remembered for a lifetime.

• Staircase

If your wedding venue has a staircase, worry not. You can turn the dull and boring stairs into a place of attraction. You can use a few flower garlands or bouquets to decorate it. It will change the look of the whole place and also give you a grand entrance. The flowers can be hung at the sides of the rails can be fully covered with flowers. Make sure that it has a combination of two or more flowers.


Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Flowers are a great way to decorate any event. With the help of flowers, you can make any event even more special. Flowers have been used to decorate evets for centuries now. There are different kinds of flowers used for decorating different events. They are a gift of nature that is not only beautiful and have a great smell, but can be used in so many different ways. There are many companies and corporations that work with flowers and decorate events using them. Honestly, the glamour of any event increases by a thousand if flowers are used to decorate them.

To choose the flowers for event flower decoration you must keep certain things in your mind. They are:

AVAILABILITY: The availability of flowers changes from time to time. There are many flowers that you can only find in certain seasons. Flowers like Roses are winter flowers. Additionally, the availability of the flowers depends on the region you’re living in. If you to have a flower brought to you for a certain event that can only be found in a place that is thousands of miles away, it might not be possible or available at the current moment.

SEASONALITY: The seasonality of flowers also plays a major role when you want to have a certain type of flowers for an event. Not all flowers are available in every season and you must keep in your mind the season while ordering a particular flower for any personal or formal event of yours. There are also certain types of flowers that are available all through out the year. You can easily choose those flowers for any event decoration.

BUDGET: Flowers are not exactly cheap. The price of flowers depends on their availability and seasonality, as well as their location and their beauty. Before you order a certain type of flowers for any event of yours, you must check the budget for it. You might be surprised how costly the flowers can be. Some of the flowers might have to be imported from certain regions for you. The prices may vary due to that.

TIMING: Flowers do not stay fresh forever once they’re plucked from the trees. Before planning an event, you must make sure that the flowers that you’ve ordered are fresh. It is advisable to get the flowers just a day or two before the event and make sure that they remain hydrated.

UNPREDICTABILITY: There’s a chance that the flowers you’ve wanted, might not turn out to be exactly as you wished. The color texture and the condition of flowers are maintained by mother nature and we are petty humans, we can do nothing about it. So before ordering a certain type of flower for any event make sure you have the mind set up for the unpredictability of those flowers.

There are certain flowers that are meant for certain purposes. They are a gift from mother nature. Nothing says “I Love You’ more than a bouquet of red roses. So before choosing any flower for any occasion, you have to keep a lot of things in mind.


For any event decoration, make sure of certain things before you buy your flowers. Great things require great effort.

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